Keepsake Jewellery Basic Jewellery Care

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Every piece of keepsake is handmade with love, it would be great 
if you could take part in caring for your keepsake. 

Your keepsake would look much newer if you could take the jewellery
off before any water activity (spa, swimming, shower).
In an event of rain or respiration, rinse it with running water, dry it 
completely with any cotton cloth liked material after which, use the polishing cloth provided in your package,
gently rub it on your keepsake.
We recommend avoiding any sort of chemicals, perfume and UV rays.
Do not mix or apply any chemicals to the jewellery.

Be kind to your resin jewellery and keep it in a jewellery box when
you’re not wearing them. Use a polishing cloth to wipe them before you keep, 
especially product made with Silver 925, they were exposed to air and causing it to tarnish easily due to our humidity level and sweat.
You may feel relieved to hear that any colour change which might occur, had nothing to do with your breastmilk going off. 
Risk of exposing the resin to any UV light or solvent-based liquid (including perfume and skin products) 
will cause a slight colour change over some time.
Do not mix all jewellery while keeping them.

All breastmilk keepsake comes with a one-year warranty. 
The warranty covers only 
if your breastmilk gems turn brown, orange,
black or translucent colour.
Kindly take note that wear and tear of hardware are
 not covered in the warranty policy.