Featured Image Option: Gold | C10 + Glitter
304 Stainless Steel Circle Pendant
Diameter 18mm approx.
Thickness 5mm
Weight 4.8g
Necklace Length 50cm

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Necklace Chain OR Keychain

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Kindly take some time to read our FAQ before you proceed:

Every piece of precious keepsake may show variability as they are handcrafted with love.
We try our very best to produce the highest standards of crafting. However, please note that no two pieces will be identical. The outcome of each piece of precious keepsake jewellery will differ due to differences in the inclusions sent to us. (eg: The consistency and colour of ashes)


Please understand that all keepsake jewellery art pieces are handcrafted with love. Our hands are not types of machinery. We strive to maintain/ improve on our skills to produce impeccable keepsake jewelry; and strongly believe that all inclusions are made out of blood, sweat, and tears and are priceless to you.

We strongly discourage changing your order once your inclusions have been sent to avoid confusion as we begin preserving right when we receive it and begin crafting right afterward. We would not want to waste each other’s precious time, effort, and money as your inclusions are so precious to you, and to us too.

We strictly do not provide a refund once payment is made so please ensure the details of your order are correct before you check out and also upon receiving the invoice.